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Sugaring is the sweet way to remove hair. Totally natural, without heat, and working with the body to remove hair in the direction of growth. Results are smooth skin with less irritation, faster rec... Show more



Quick, effective hair removal with the best materials on the market.
Axiom certified


Skincare isn't just for girls. Look and feel your best with our range of facial treatments from Anesi, a cosmeceutical skin care brand that was first created over 40 years ago in Spain. Anesi contain... Show more



You don't need to remove it all. Trimming unruly body hair is an effective way of keeping it in check and improving appearance.
Prices are discounted at checkout when combined with a body waxing/su...
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Body Scrub

Full body scrub gently exfoliates and nourishes the skin with a combination of sugar granules, coconut oil and essential oils